Our History


Foundation of B.A.T. Services (Best Available Technology)


Trading and valorisation of waste and secondary raw materials Organic


Partnership with Laviedor nv : processing of manure into soil


50% participation in BioMass Center bvba – composting and biogas


Acquisition of 100% of BioMass Center bvba.


33% participation in Laviedor nv.


Projects: New biogas plant, green energy: 10 MW, CO2 captation

About BAT Services

BAT Services was founded in 1997 and has its main office in the heart of Europe, Gent, Belgium.

Primarily started as a trader in Chemical and Mineral waste, we evolved since 2001 towards a real specialist in the valorisation of Organic by-products and your partner in the Circular Economy.

We are a dedicated and specialised team, able to respond in a fast and effective way to your inquiry. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in solving your problem and providing your company with the Best Available Technology for your waste and or by-product.

We cooperate with a wide scope of customers, ranging from large industrial companies and utilities to smaller regional manufacturers. Especially companies from the Food, Biodiesel, Oleochemical, Agricultural, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel and Metalworking sectors.

Quality and Environmental standards are integral to everything we do at B.A.T. Services.
Helping to reduce mankind’s impact on the environment by turning one industry’s waste or by-product into another industry’s raw material.
We aim to provide the best quality in customer services, both in terms of logistics and administration, when searching for an appropriate processing solution always in compliance with the applicable legislations and regulations.
We monitor and review quality and environmental objectives and targets regularly with a commitment to continuous improvement.
We focus on extensive research into new processing possibilities.

Sustainability (RED)

Europe’s commitment to meeting CO2 reduction targets required systems to ensure that these targets did not lead to unintended negative environmental effects. The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive (RED) approved a number of voluntary schemes. B.A.T. achieved certification to the ISCC standard in 2013.


B.A.T. has the relevant registrations for the handling and management of waste.

We at B.A.T. Services are convinced that Circular Economy and conserving natural resources is a sustainable philosophy since the company was founded in 1997.
The key steps to a better environment and the optimal use of resources are Prevent, Reuse, Recycle, Recover and Reduced Disposal of waste. This way of thinking has been at the core of B.A.T.’s activities ever since the business started and is now widely referred to as the circular economy.
In contrast to the linear economy which is based on Make, Use and Dispose, the circular economy is characterized by Production, Recycle and Recovery where the whole system is designed in order to minimize waste and keep the materials in use for as long as possible.

  • B.A.T. Services offers a Waste Management Program
    • Responsibility on
      • State-of-the-art solutions
      • Knowledge of handling, safety and legislation
      • Offering continuity at all times
    • Tailor-made comprehensive solutions characterised by
      • Efficiency
      • Transparency
      • Dynamism
    • To guarantee an optimisation by an intense long-term partnership
      • Offering the best solution in terms of
        • Technology
        • Pricing
  • Waste Management Partnership
    • Dynamic project approach
      • Continuous improvement based on Plan-Do-Check-Act
        • Plan: Optimisation
        • Do: Implementation
        • Check: Evaluation
        • Act: Continuous Improvement
      • Onsite support
      • Advantages for the customer
        • Lower total cost
        • Maximum assumption of tasks in perfect transparency
        • Safety and full compliance guaranteed

The transformation and valorisation pathway of a material is judged by our specialists, based on its chemical and physical characteristics. The knowledge of these elements is our basic source of information to enable us to offer you an adequate and valuable solution.

Based on a recent analysis and sample, B.A.T. will study the different possibilities and set a price for the valorisation and transport of the material.


  • Collection of information
    • Representative sample of the waste material
    • Chemical and physical characterisation
    • Waste and/or OECD code for waste or by-product
    • Specific safety conditions towards transportation
    • Description of the production process
    • Quantity and packaging of the waste material
  • Evaluation and Pricing
    • Possibilities are analysed by our team of specialists
    • Price setting – including administration, logistics and valorisation
  • Agreement
    • Start of administrative procedure according to the national and European environmental and administrative regulations and, when applicable, we organise the international notification procedure.
  • Logistics Organisation
    • We take care of all procedures regarding logistics from the customer to the treatment center
  • Valorisation